Instructions for Use (Old model)

Create a wire-clamp by winding wire 2x around the pipe of choice. Leave a length of about 100mm wire to the one end and 150mm wire on the other end. The beginning length and end length should be in line. (See picture). Remove the wire-clamp from the pipe.

Open the pliers with its handles past the horizontal line. Put the shorter end of the wire-clamp through the hole in the left handle with the coiled circle of the wire-clamp pointing upwards.

Bend the length of wire protruding from the hole upwards around the handle, to the right of the coil. Press the coil horizontally down onto the pliers. The left side of the wire-clamp is now fixed to the handle of the pliers. The longer end of the wire will be in line with the pin on the other handle.

Bend the wire around the pin on the other handle and downwards around the handle, much like the previous step but ensure that the wire is supported by the pin before wrapping it around the handle a few times. This ensures that the wire stays in place once tension is applied to the pliers.

To apply the wire-clamp to the water pipe, place the pipe through the coil of the wire-clamp. Insert the desired fitting into the pipe and close the handles of the pliers slowly. The wire-clamp will tighten around the pipe.

When the necessary tension is attained, rotate the pliers 180 degrees.

Cut the wire-clamp loose from the pliers. Bend the sharp ends of the wire back to secure a locking position. The wire-clamp is now complete.

  1. April 28, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Leon.

    I saw this great idea at the Jakaranda kunstefees.
    What is the costs of one?

    Thank you.

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