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Instructions for use

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*If you’d like to see the instructions for the older model, please click here.


Create a wire-clamp by winding stainless steel or galvanised wire (1.6mm to 3.15mm) two times around the pipe of choice. The beginning and end length should be in a line. Bend two shoulders into the wire on both sides of the coils (about 80mm from each other) so that the wire-ends points downwards.


Open the handles of the Leo Crimping Pliers past the horizontal line. The two legs of the clamp will now be in line with the holes in the handles of the Leo Crimping Pliers. Push both wire legs through the holes.


To apply the wire clamp to the pipe, insert the pipe and connector piece through the coil of the wire-clam, fold the two legs pointing downwards in the opposite direction so it will point upwards. When thin wire is used it will be necessary to anchor the wire around the two pins on the handles of the Leo Crimping Pliers.


Close the handles of the Leo Crimping Pliers slowly. The wire will tighten around the pipe. Be careful not to pull down with excessive force on the handles to prevent the wire from cutting the pipe and the insert.


When the necessary tension is attained in the clamp, rotate the Leo Crimping Pliers 180 degrees and cut the wire-clamp loose from the Leo Crimping Pliers. Bend the sharp ends of the wire back to secure a locking position. The wireclamp is now completed.


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